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I am KM4UYN, a ham extra license holder and software engineer. This software has been used by hundreds of Hams to pass the Technician, General, and Extra exams. Sold here and at selected Hamfests. Please read on for a minute to find out more...

I have developed sim software - a test pool simulator - to help you pass the Extra, General, or Technician exams or all three!

Use this test simulator on any version of your Windows computer - the dashboard works well on Win 10 - to prep by practicing the questions in the current test pools in a diagnostic graphical user interface simulating exam conditions. Study only the material - the questions you need familiarize yourself with to pass - at your own pace, on your own computer. No internet required. Get your license(s) and the bandwidth you need to then once you get legal you can zero in on your amateur radio area of interest and all the details that pertain thereto.

My software has helped many hams get a grand slam (pass all three exams - Technician, General, Extra) or pass one at a time - or two!

What do I mean by diagnostic? You will notice in the following screen shot of the program dashboard, the program tracks your progress and assesses your strength and weakness in each section as you answer questions in either practice (manual) or auto (random questions selection like VEs give you). A small screen phone app or book or even an instructor can't give you this kind of immediate feedback that you are either weak or strong in a particular test pool knowledge section.

Ham Extra SS Diagnostic Dashboard

Click here to download PDF guide to explain the program in a little more detail!

Email me with questions or order an emailed download by remitting safely via Paypal - best value is to get all three exam prep sims - Tech, General, Extra:

Ham Exam Sims

More screen shots of the program follow - Sims for Extra, General, and Technician have same features.

Ham Extra SS 1

This screen shot of the Ham Extra License test pool sim shows the dashboard where:

Ham General SS 1

Above is the Ham General License test pool sim - same layout but test content, sections and questions for Ham General Exam.

Ham General SS 3

The Ham General License test pool sim screenshot above shows some more features:

You can always Email me for help or questions - 24x7 and get quick response!

Once you order via Paypal you get a quick response zip file download or, will snail mail you a CD ROM or Flash ROM - memory stick.


My test pool simulator is experiential. It does not require rote memorization for your success - but taps into your power of recall. Practicing the current test pool questions in a diagnostic format gives you a cognitive edge over exhaustive study of book theory. When you see the questions and get familiar with answering correctly your brain stores that positive information away for a passing score on the tests.

All test pools are current.

The General exam test pool has over 450 questions - representing an immense amount of material. Extra exam has over 700 questions in the current pool - good until 2020! Even the so-called easy Technician exam test pool has almost 400 questions! Use your power of recall - not memorization of volumes of material.

My sim will give you the confidence of Rambo. The rugged way to target, EXplode and pass all 3 ham license exams...

Me Hambo Rambo with Bow

Mission accomplished!


Cliff (HamBo), KM4UYN